Top websites for technology news in 2019

Are you a tech geek but unaware of top news websites? Even though you’re not, it is important to know the latest updates! The world is changing at an exponential rate when it comes to technology. Every day one company or other launches a new gadget or app. To know about all the latest innovations, one must have the knowledge of top websites of technology news available. Top websites for technology news are as mentioned below :

List of top websites for technology news ranked by Google and Alexa

Google and Alexa ranked some of the websites as the best ones for providing quality technology news. Below are the 10 most popular tech websites :

With a following of 10.1 million on Twitter, TechCrunch is known by everyone. It is the most popular and informative technology news provider. It has both a blog and a digital media platform. provides an article on technology-related topics daily. It consists of various guides and business-related articles. Also, it contains interesting facts about upcoming gadgets. This page has 7 million visits and 10 million views per month. A must-read for information about next-generation innovations.

Not only technology, but is also the home to all science, business, and culture related news. It is favorite among users because of quality content. The news published is engaging and unheard on this website. is famous for its step by step guides and all fresh news. It covers all the latest news of inventions in the digital world. It provides news with a touch of creativity and interesting language. This quality makes the website unique and engaging.

With all the news of gadgets, TVs, mobile phones, also covers some special podcasts, videos, and photos. But they are only technology related stuff. It has an additional feature of comparing and handling websites and gadgets at the same time. This website posts a huge amount of valuable information daily.

With technology news, covers product reviews, gadgets details and what not! It has a systematic approach towards important news which attracts a lot of crowds.

Mashable is the leading news website company. It provides great help to internet users by covering all kinds of technical news and updates. It also covers most of the political, cultural and social issues too. This means you can be an all-rounder by reading this website daily!

A fast-growing website with over 2.69 million followers on Twitter. This website also has a significant amount of daily visitors. BusinessInsider was launched on July 19, 2007, this website has been in the spotlight for years. is a specific website where tech bloggers can post their views and also monitor their following on the page. This website contains guides of Apple, Android, new gadgets, etc. is a powerful initiative that provides a guide to software as well as hardware like mobile phones, laptops, PCs and its parts. This website has Android related news too.

Some more websites like techdiagons, tech news world, ndtv gadgets, etc have been done really great when it comes to working with tech related news and stuff.

There are unlimited websites where tech news is available but only a few areas updated as these. One should choose website very wisely to be updated with genuine knowledge.

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