Top technical blogs all around the World

Blogs are always on boom all over the world. And technical blogs are the most interesting niche among all of them. It has become mandatory to have good knowledge over technology these days! Technical blogs can help common people to know a variety of things. From the latest inventions to “how to use” tutorials, technical blogs have covered each of them. Among millions, it is difficult to list the top technical blogs all around the world. As of 2019, the top technical blogs all around the world :


Wired is the most famous technology blog of all time. It has interesting articles covering the maximum aspects of technology. Wired also consists of articles covering the change brought in life due to technology. It has an informative and interesting interface.

MIT Technology Review

This site is the official tech blog of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It has everything related to technology and science. MIT Technology Review is on the top of this list because of its efficiency. This blog has news, history, innovations and what not!


Tech Crunch is well known for its news on gadgets and gizmos. You can also find the latest apps and tech event details on this website. Also, it has an application with the same name too. The Techcrunch app for handheld devices is great because of its user interface. There are push notifications and short news available 24X7 at your fingertips!


Though this name seems weird, this site provides the latest news of all time! Launched in 2002, it is a long-established website. The news is first, genuine and secondly, trustworthy. Gizmodo claims its employees come from the future which is the reason for always updating tech information. This website is as interesting as its claims! It covers technology related news from all over the world. Gizmodo has thousands of daily readers and a huge fan base.

Fast Company

This site was launched in November 1995. Fast company has its focus on innovations in the field of technology and science. Other fields are leadership, designs, and business. This is a leading site for business persons. Fast company also provides daily newsletters to subscribed users.

The Verge

With the aim of telling people how technology affects our lives, The Verge is something different! It focuses on the audience and then delivers the content. Aiming at tech issues, it has articles that say so much about the changes happened in the last few years! This blog is one of the most interesting ones and is a must-read for all. It cuts through jargon and makes every news accessible to all.

NYT Bits

It is the tech column of the New York Times. This site provides insight as well as analysis of the activities going on in Silicon Valley. Also, it covers all the tech innovations in the world. NYT Bits updates weekly content which is extremely interesting and fun to read.


Though Mashable is famous for many reasons, one of the main reasons is its in-depth technology-related articles. Another reason is its opinion pieces on this field. This company proudly announces not only 45 million monthly users but also 28 million social media followers. You will find all the latest and interesting happenings on their site every day.

Business Insider

This company is not exclusively for tech but also for business and lifestyle. Users can switch into other niches for entertainment purposes. It has a beautiful interface and a light view which makes this site even more attractive.


If you want a 24X7 tech news coverage, ZDNet is the best choice. From apps, software as well as hardware launches, to innovations and improvements, it has covered them all. It draws information from popular and respectable IT professionals who have accurate knowledge of the discussed subject. This site offers the latest tech information even from the most remote areas which attracts its readers a lot.

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