Top Music Streaming Apps for listening to favorite Song

Music is a gateway that gives you escape from stress and all the things that are going wrong in a person’s life. In old times there were radios, then audio CDs came, then came the iPod, and now the smartphones. Now we have the great music streaming applications, they have large libraries, the library of songs of almost all languages, all forms, and artists.  The top music streaming apps have evolved with time too. They have options for playing songs according to the mood of users. Also, they have algorithms that play and list songs according to how other users play songs. There are few applications in the market that have improved the way people used to listen to music. Below are some top music streaming apps that people use:


The biggest music streaming application in the whole world. This application released in Indian in the first month of 2019 and became a hit in the listeners instantly. Spotify has an easy user interface, the users can search for songs from their huge libraries. The best thing about Spotify is its playlists, they have made some amazing playlists that are loved by many listeners in India. Their top picks also go well with the Indian listeners. The only problem with this, not just this but almost all the music streaming applications are the ads that come when you switch the songs, they place ads after every 3-4 songs. If you buy the premium membership then nothing will bother you. 

Jio Saavn

This was just Saavn before Jio came on board and after that, the downloads of this application boosted and it became one of the most popular music streaming applications in India. They also have their playlist made by their own editor. Artist based radios also stream on the application. With a Jio sim card the users get a free one-month premium membership, they can download and listen to the music without any ad breaks in between. Saavn has improved its interface a lot, they have changed the layout and made it easy for the users to glide through different options in the application.


Gaana, they have original shows, originally produced music by their label, they have named it “Gaana Originals” and they have a huge library of songs just like other music streaming applications. Free music streaming application that has all the features that any music streaming application should have. Easy to use, attractive interface and great playlists make it one of the best music streaming applications on the play store. 


Wynk music is owned by Airtel. Wynk music was released in September 2015. It became very popular in the initial phase because it provided free services to all the airtel sim cardholders. It had a very lite application with a simple user interface. Just like the other they have improved on their application layout and interface a lot. They have made it attractive, added more features and created playlists according to users’ preferences. Wynk is still one of the most popular applications for music streaming.

Hungama Music

Hungama topped the list before other music streaming apps. It started a music streaming for free that worked well on both desktops as well as smartphones. At the time of its release i.e. 2013 they were one of the few music streaming applications in the Indian market. Their market has gone down a little in the past few years. But they are constantly improving their interface and other features for their limited number of users.

These were the top 5 music streaming applications that most of the people in India use. The competition between all of them is tough. The audience loves all of them, but the one who provides the best features, gives memberships for free or at a discount rate wins the market. But in the long run, what matters is the distinguishing features of these apps.