Top Websites to Learn Programming Language

As the face of every industry and business has moved towards digitization. learning code has been the need of the hour for a successful career. The knowledge of programming does not limit to IT professionals now. With every business moving online. it has become mandatory for everyone to learn the basics of programming to stand out among others. This is the reason why more and more people are inclined towards websites to learn Programming.

Need for learning code

Coding is a skill that is never overlooked by recruiters irrespective of your course and educational qualifications. Programming acts as the icing on the cake as far as the career point of view is concerned. In addition to it, almost every business has an IT body that recruits talented programmers with a handsome salary and a huge prospect of career growth.
All you need to know is the operation and implementation of any computer language and full command over it.

Top online websites to learn Programming

Programming can be learned both online as well as offline. As most of the coding enthusiasts are either engaged in a regular educational program or are working, learning programming languages from online websites is preferable. Learned professionals from respected universities come together to teach with a broader prospect and open the doors of opportunities. Confused about what to choose? Well, here are some great websites to choose from :


It is a huge platform comprising of over 1,000 videos, all on computer-related niches, created by expert teachers from all over the world. Aspiring coders can learn from scratch through its video lectures and take quizzes and interactive code challenges. The basic plan is approx $25 for a month which is pretty affordable by all.


Code School distributes various computer-related path oriented courses. Enthusiastic students can explore any of the paths to find out what course is suitable for them. Teachers teach through engaging videos. These videos can be practiced in browsers through challenges. It provides courses at $29/month and even the yearly courses of $228. Students love this website all over the globe.


Coursera is basically a non-profit educational organization that provides over 1,000 courses from 119 prestigious institutions from all over the world. Courses are available in various international languages viz. English, Chinese, Spanish, French, etc. The duration is generally 4 to 6 weeks costing from a range of $29 to $99. Coursera is a great opportunity for learning to code in native languages.


EDX is an open-source, a non-profit organization that was founded by MIT and Harvard in the year 2012. It supports students who have a keen interest in coding and learning new programming languages by professors of the World’s best institutes.

EDX provides the latest and cutting information about every innovation and promotes creativity and interactive learning. Open EDX is a platform where students can learn free of cost from the most amazing tutors of the world


CodeWars promotes a fun and creative way of learning programming languages. it has a theme of martial arts. Students have to crack various levels through challenges known as “Kata” to gain expertise on a particular course. This is a very optimized and interactive method of learning and developing new skills in coding.

Many other popular courses are also there such as Khan Academy, FreeCodeCamp, GitHub, etc. Here, students can learn and develop their grip on coding. A burning desire, dedication and hard work combined with creative ideas are enough to master in any programming language and when it gets the support of a good course and a great teacher, any student can do marvels in this field.

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Roger Ebert

Roger Ebert is the most famous American movie review website of all time. They have hand-picked selectors and critics for reviewing every part of the movie. They also have a weekly newspaper related to the latest movies, trailers and even the occasional streamable movies. Robert Ebert has all the information about articles, tidbits, etc. This site is available in English. Roger Ebert, a popular film critic, founded this website in 2013. After his death, Ebert Digital LLC maintains this website till now.

The Guardian

Surely one of the best knowledge packed sites available! Not only movie reviews, but Guardian is also the home of the latest news related to sport, culture, and lifestyle. This site not only gives film reviews but also several games, music and TV show reviews. It is also available in print form as well as online. They give witty reviews and worth a look. The Guardian is a UK based media company and is running for a long time. It has also an iOS mobile application in 2009. This app has all the content related to the latest movies and other news. Users are free to comment on their views on it. In 2011, this company also launched an Android for the same purpose.

Rotten Tomatoes

Another prominent movie website is the most popular these days! Rotten tomatoes can help you to get all the movie and TV show reviews under a single roof. Starting from worldwide TV and Netflix series, this site has everything related to visual entertainment. Most of the film lovers consider its reviews as the most genuine and valid of all. Rotten tomatoes publish their reviews at the earliest and thus gets the attention of readers. By the percentage tied to every movie and show, you can figure out what to watch easily!


IMDb stands for Internet Movie Database. As the name suggests, this site is a whole database for not only movies and shows but also television programs, home videos, video games, and online content. It also includes biographies, plot summaries, trivia and ratings of all content. Whether the content in streaming online or at theaters, IMDb covers it all! As of recent reports, IMDb has over 6 million titles which are huge! Also, it has 83 million registered users. IMDb has set new heights for reviews and ratings. Its database is currently managed by and owned by Amazon.

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