Whatsapp New Features, you should know

WhatsApp, the most used instant messaging app is about to launch the most awaited features for Android and iOS. The latest beta update brings a few of them while the app developers are working on the dark mode and the same will be launched soon.

Dark mode has become a trend and after google’s android 10 with full support for system-wide dark mode, WhatsApp is also going the for it.

The following are the new features launched by WhatsApp in the latest beta update.

Self-destructing message

Yes, the feature is similar to the Snapchat app’s snaps. WhatsApp has already introduced the ‘Delete for Everyone’ feature, by which a user can delete a message which he has sent to his contacts even after sending it.

But for the same user has to delete it by himself. On the other hand, the self-destructing message can be recalled after 5 seconds, 1 hour, 1 day 7 days and 30 days. The user can select the recall duration before sending the message.

Hide muted status

This feature was spotted the latest beta update. The feature allows the users to hide all status updates from the contacts which are muted.
A ‘Hide’ button will be visible on the header of the muted status updates section. The hidden status updates can be restored by using a ‘show’ button.

Group privacy settings updated

WhatsApp has announced a new privacy feature to its groups. The new privacy setting and invite system will help users decide who can add them to groups.
The ‘Nobody’ option is replaced by the ‘My Contacts Except’ option, which allows users to exclude specific contacts.
The users may receive a private invite from the group admin and he has 3 days to accept the invite before it expires.

Netflix trailers in PiP mode

WhatsApp already supports ‘Picture-in-Picture’ mode to let users watch Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram videos within the WhatsApp app, without leaving the app.
WhatsApp has now enabled the same feature for Netflix trailers. Netflix trailers shared from the app can now be viewed in the WhatsApp itself without leaving the app. The feature is currently available for iPhone users only as of now.

Boomerang feature

just like Instagram, WhatsApp users can now shoot the Boomerang videos. The popular feature is introduced for iPhone users only for the time being. The feature allows users to endlessly loop a video backward and forwards like a GIF.
The feature is available in the beta version for iOS.