Best job websites in India to search for jobs

Finding a suitable job or gainful employment is the priority of every youngster nowadays. Due to economic liberalization, various MNCs have expanded extensively in India over the past few years. There has always been a need for talented professionals to work for companies. The problem arises while searching for the perfect jobs for aspirants. Top job search websites in India are now developing and provide updates regarding public and private sector jobs. As per reports, over 80% of job aspirants fill vacancies using these sites. Talented individuals register themselves in order to inform themselves about the vacancies and job opportunities in their area of interest. The following are the top job search websites in India.

Naukri is a Hindi word that translates in English as Job. This is among the first job portals of India. It was launched in India when the Internet was not a household thing. This portal has grown amazingly in the past few years and it has already become one of the most trusted job search sites in India. shares 60 percent of the market in the online job searching area.

Almost all the people who are doing a job, or are searching for a job know about Only Very few people know that the popular newspaper company Hindustan Times Group owns this website. Shine has become one of the serious competitors of the best online job search portal. Many big multinational companies post their jobs on Shine including there competitor This is a website that targets the people who are already doing a job and are looking for a change.

One of the world’s largest job search engines, is the top job portal in India. It has job opportunities for almost all levels of jobs. Registered users can apply at big and small companies according to location and preference. is also capable of providing jobs overseas, especially in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. It is a very trustworthy organization and has extreme opportunities for startups.

This is the perfect portal to find the first job for freshers. Freshersworld has become one of the best online job portals for freshers in India. There are more than 1 crore resumes of freshers on this website. There are many big companies in Freshersworld. Because of big corporates who have listed their jobs on this website the fresh passed out students can feel ensured that they will get a job. Only if they have all the important skills needed by an employer. They categorize jobs according to the preferred sectors.

This website is popular for showing all the recent government jobs (jobs in the public sector) in India. has an interactive interface which not only helps the residents of cities but also small towns and villages to understand the recent updates well. It also consists of eligibility criteria and forms available for the convenience of people. This website shows national and state-level listings for jobs.

This one is a US-based job search engine. As of now, it has expanded itself in 60 countries worldwide. The best part about this website that attracts most of the users. Reason being its clean and minimalistic interface. On one hand, where other jobs searching websites comprise so many words and images, this one has kept itself not only simple but also handy and easily accessible.

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Best freelancing websites in India

Freelancing in India has become a preferred choice of working for professionals in varied fields. It is now a favorite among all age groups. Also, no one considers freelancing as a part-time job now. Rather, it is now a self-improvement task. There are numerous perks of working as a freelancer which has lured everyone. Freelancing is about being your own boss. It promotes working at flexible hours. Additionally, there is no restriction of time and place until and unless you complete your work on time. It enables the freelancer to find work independently. There are many freelancing sites in India which work as a mediator between companies and aspirants. These freelancing sites are extraordinarily helpful for newbies for finding prospective clients. There has been increasing popularity and trend of these sites in India for the past few years. Some of the best freelancing websites in India are below : 

Freelance India

For more than a decade now, Freelance India has been among the top websites for freelancing in India. It offers genuine work in different fields and categories. They also allow the freelancers to create a Google list of their past work. They offer both free and paid membership to their users, and the work they get largely depends on the kind of membership they avail. The only glitch of Freelance India is its user interface and its web page design. Users face difficulty to deal with the interface of this website.


Truelancer is one of the top freelancing websites in India. It is the best site for people looking for a freelancing website with good-paying jobs. There are various categories like web design, computer programming, marketing, logo designing, copywriting and many more in which people can find a project that suits their skill set. This website ensures timely payment as well as timely submission for 100% satisfaction of the client as well as the customer.


This is surely one of the best freelancing sites in India for designing. This website gives exposure to designers. It has a variety of options such as websites, logos for T-shirts or other products, etc. In this, the company only pays the designer when it chooses his/her designs. It is like participating in a contest rather than getting a job. The stipend is attractive and there are a lot of Indian designers who have registered themselves on this site. 


Toptal is slightly different from other freelancing websites. In this, the freelancers who have qualified themselves can use their services. This site is selective about the freelancers. A professional screening process is done. Those who clear it, get qualify and become eligible for a job. It has high paying projects. Aldo, they have reputed clients such as Airbnb, Emirates, JP Morgan, etc. Also, they organize regular meetups and tech events for their freelancers. 

Envato Studio

Envato Studio provides both long term as well as short term freelancing job websites. It is a well established and well-reputed as well as popular among professionals. This site covers jobs on web designing, animation, and video editing. Here, aspirants have to show their services by uploading sample work and expected pay-roll. Clients then reach out to them as per their preference. This is a quick and reliable process for job searching for freelancers online. 

There are numerous other websites that can also be searched thoroughly. There are offline communities too but one must be careful while relying on these!

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