Top freelancing websites in the world

Everyone is looking for jobs that can give them long term security but there is one more type of employment that has been in trend and is growing day by day, it is Freelancing. Freelancing sites provide nothing but a type of self-employment. In this, there is no restriction with the freelancer is to work with just one company. Additionally, there is no long term commitment to freelancing sites. A freelancer can find a freelancing job on the internet if they have relevant expertise and experience in their respective fields
Below are a few top freelancing sites that offer jobs with many fields. Let’s have a look at them and see what these websites have in the bag for the freelancers:


Two big freelancing websites of the world, oDesk and Elance merged to become Upwork in middle of 2015, now they are big enough to compete with and challenge the giants like Freelancer. Some people have not liked the merge but if they look at it from the perspective of the freelancers, it doesn’t make any difference and rather it has increased opportunities for them as they will get the benefits of two great websites at once. It is one of the best websites to find a freelancing job or hiring a freelancer as an employer. Upwork offers high-quality services and the fees that they take for the projects are also not much.


Freelancer is one of the veteran websites in the category of freelancing websites around the world. After it’s launch in 2003 it has become the biggest outsourcing destination in the world. Recently Freelancer bought two big freelancing companies namely vWorker and Scriptlane and after it, they have become even bigger. For freelancers who are just starting, this is the perfect website for them.


If there was a category for websites that offer an online marketplace for small services, Fiverr will be the best in it, and apparently, it is the biggest marketplace for small services. The best part about it is that freelancers can create gigs for as low as $5. The people who don’t know coding or designing can also get plenty of other gigs on this website. The new users can see the gigs that the other people have created and then they can make a gig that suits their profile. Even if a user can do something that is usual, they can still make a least of $5 for it. 


Guru has been there since 2001. it gives a platform to the freelancers that let them showcase their skills and services. With Guru, aspirants can find jobs that are appropriate for them. On this website, both the freelancers and employers can create a profile and can find each other as per requirements. They can enter into a job contract and before getting into a contract. They can review each other’s professional reputation through respective profiles. A feature known as Work Room allows freelancers to manage their activities. Payments  


People who wish to find a freelancing job in the field of writing, designing, etc. should look at this. PeoplePerHour is a website that brings together people who are either offering or searching for a job. This a company based in the UK and it follows the same pattern as other freelancing websites do. People can find both online and on-site freelancing jobs on the website. The payment of the jobs is either fixed-price or on an hourly basis.

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Top Music Streaming Apps for listening to favorite Song

Music is a gateway that gives you escape from stress and all the things that are going wrong in a person’s life. In old times there were radios, then audio CDs came, then came the iPod, and now the smartphones. Now we have the great music streaming applications, they have large libraries, the library of songs of almost all languages, all forms, and artists.  The top music streaming apps have evolved with time too. They have options for playing songs according to the mood of users. Also, they have algorithms that play and list songs according to how other users play songs. There are few applications in the market that have improved the way people used to listen to music. Below are some top music streaming apps that people use:


The biggest music streaming application in the whole world. This application released in Indian in the first month of 2019 and became a hit in the listeners instantly. Spotify has an easy user interface, the users can search for songs from their huge libraries. The best thing about Spotify is its playlists, they have made some amazing playlists that are loved by many listeners in India. Their top picks also go well with the Indian listeners. The only problem with this, not just this but almost all the music streaming applications are the ads that come when you switch the songs, they place ads after every 3-4 songs. If you buy the premium membership then nothing will bother you. 

Jio Saavn

This was just Saavn before Jio came on board and after that, the downloads of this application boosted and it became one of the most popular music streaming applications in India. They also have their playlist made by their own editor. Artist based radios also stream on the application. With a Jio sim card the users get a free one-month premium membership, they can download and listen to the music without any ad breaks in between. Saavn has improved its interface a lot, they have changed the layout and made it easy for the users to glide through different options in the application.


Gaana, they have original shows, originally produced music by their label, they have named it “Gaana Originals” and they have a huge library of songs just like other music streaming applications. Free music streaming application that has all the features that any music streaming application should have. Easy to use, attractive interface and great playlists make it one of the best music streaming applications on the play store. 


Wynk music is owned by Airtel. Wynk music was released in September 2015. It became very popular in the initial phase because it provided free services to all the airtel sim cardholders. It had a very lite application with a simple user interface. Just like the other they have improved on their application layout and interface a lot. They have made it attractive, added more features and created playlists according to users’ preferences. Wynk is still one of the most popular applications for music streaming.

Hungama Music

Hungama topped the list before other music streaming apps. It started a music streaming for free that worked well on both desktops as well as smartphones. At the time of its release i.e. 2013 they were one of the few music streaming applications in the Indian market. Their market has gone down a little in the past few years. But they are constantly improving their interface and other features for their limited number of users.

These were the top 5 music streaming applications that most of the people in India use. The competition between all of them is tough. The audience loves all of them, but the one who provides the best features, gives memberships for free or at a discount rate wins the market. But in the long run, what matters is the distinguishing features of these apps.


Top websites for online shopping all over the world

So, we can see that e-commerce is taking over all the internet nowadays. People prefer shopping online due to the wide variety and quality assurance of products. Also, by a single click, customers can get whatever they wish for at their doorstep. It is difficult to select the list of top websites for online shopping all over the world. There are numerous websites for online shopping but few have gained the trust of users. The reason being superior quality and secure service! Top websites for online shopping all over the world are :

This name needs no introduction. has become an online retailer for almost anything and everything. From books, toys, and shoes to food, furniture, and clothes, has every needful thing. It also has the feature of getting Prime membership for fast and free shipping, access to Prime Video, Prime Music, etc at a nominal price. It has gained much popularity and has gained a respectable position in e-commerce websites and apps. was launched in the year 1998. Since then, it is a worldwide popular name for buying and selling new as well as used items. has a reasonable price for every product. As per the officials, this website provides the best prices available which are attractive! There are many deals available on festive days due to which more and more users are signing up every day.

This site is slightly different from the above e-commerce websites. is an online version of newspaper classifieds. It shows various products which are available for sale. And the interesting part is, this website is completely free to use. It has become a top resource for people who are willing to buy or sell things online. Advertisements, classifieds, and listings are posted by community and region. Many local people get huge benefits from them.

This store opened in the year 1962. People have always chosen Walmart due to its low prices combined with great service. Walmart came online in the year 2000 in the US. People all over the world use their website for grocery and household items.

This e-commerce website is special in its own way. The main reason is, gives a platform to artists and craftsmen. This website enables craftsmen to sell their works online. Due to this website, many artists have found their identity online. Now, is the top destination for art lovers as well as artists. It was launched in 2005 and is running successfully worldwide. is a very old company established in 1979 and went online in the year 2000. This website is popular but cost-efficient, because of which people love it. So, in the year 2018, not only the online market but offline stores also experienced a boom. is also offline as well as an online store. Its website went online in the year 1999. This site has also won many awards for its mobile app. It has also introduced Cartwheel which is a mobile digital coupon app. Cartwheel has collaborated with Facebook and has achieved great success.

This e-commerce website has made a fast and sizable expansion online. has also a popular app with the same name. Their products come directly from Chinese manufacturers. The products are beautiful and attractive.

These are some of the best online shopping websites which are popular among users. Not only their interface, but their services have also impressed people of all age groups. This is the reason why they are growing at such a fast pace. It can be predicted that these websites will someday take over the offline market completely.

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Top Websites to Learn Programming Language

As the face of every industry and business has moved towards digitization. learning code has been the need of the hour for a successful career. The knowledge of programming does not limit to IT professionals now. With every business moving online. it has become mandatory for everyone to learn the basics of programming to stand out among others. This is the reason why more and more people are inclined towards websites to learn Programming.

Need for learning code

Coding is a skill that is never overlooked by recruiters irrespective of your course and educational qualifications. Programming acts as the icing on the cake as far as the career point of view is concerned. In addition to it, almost every business has an IT body that recruits talented programmers with a handsome salary and a huge prospect of career growth.
All you need to know is the operation and implementation of any computer language and full command over it.

Top online websites to learn Programming

Programming can be learned both online as well as offline. As most of the coding enthusiasts are either engaged in a regular educational program or are working, learning programming languages from online websites is preferable. Learned professionals from respected universities come together to teach with a broader prospect and open the doors of opportunities. Confused about what to choose? Well, here are some great websites to choose from :


It is a huge platform comprising of over 1,000 videos, all on computer-related niches, created by expert teachers from all over the world. Aspiring coders can learn from scratch through its video lectures and take quizzes and interactive code challenges. The basic plan is approx $25 for a month which is pretty affordable by all.


Code School distributes various computer-related path oriented courses. Enthusiastic students can explore any of the paths to find out what course is suitable for them. Teachers teach through engaging videos. These videos can be practiced in browsers through challenges. It provides courses at $29/month and even the yearly courses of $228. Students love this website all over the globe.


Coursera is basically a non-profit educational organization that provides over 1,000 courses from 119 prestigious institutions from all over the world. Courses are available in various international languages viz. English, Chinese, Spanish, French, etc. The duration is generally 4 to 6 weeks costing from a range of $29 to $99. Coursera is a great opportunity for learning to code in native languages.


EDX is an open-source, a non-profit organization that was founded by MIT and Harvard in the year 2012. It supports students who have a keen interest in coding and learning new programming languages by professors of the World’s best institutes.

EDX provides the latest and cutting information about every innovation and promotes creativity and interactive learning. Open EDX is a platform where students can learn free of cost from the most amazing tutors of the world


CodeWars promotes a fun and creative way of learning programming languages. it has a theme of martial arts. Students have to crack various levels through challenges known as “Kata” to gain expertise on a particular course. This is a very optimized and interactive method of learning and developing new skills in coding.

Many other popular courses are also there such as Khan Academy, FreeCodeCamp, GitHub, etc. Here, students can learn and develop their grip on coding. A burning desire, dedication and hard work combined with creative ideas are enough to master in any programming language and when it gets the support of a good course and a great teacher, any student can do marvels in this field.

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Whatsapp New Features, you should know

WhatsApp, the most used instant messaging app is about to launch the most awaited features for Android and iOS. The latest beta update brings a few of them while the app developers are working on the dark mode and the same will be launched soon.

Dark mode has become a trend and after google’s android 10 with full support for system-wide dark mode, WhatsApp is also going the for it.

The following are the new features launched by WhatsApp in the latest beta update.

Self-destructing message

Yes, the feature is similar to the Snapchat app’s snaps. WhatsApp has already introduced the ‘Delete for Everyone’ feature, by which a user can delete a message which he has sent to his contacts even after sending it.

But for the same user has to delete it by himself. On the other hand, the self-destructing message can be recalled after 5 seconds, 1 hour, 1 day 7 days and 30 days. The user can select the recall duration before sending the message.

Hide muted status

This feature was spotted the latest beta update. The feature allows the users to hide all status updates from the contacts which are muted.
A ‘Hide’ button will be visible on the header of the muted status updates section. The hidden status updates can be restored by using a ‘show’ button.

Group privacy settings updated

WhatsApp has announced a new privacy feature to its groups. The new privacy setting and invite system will help users decide who can add them to groups.
The ‘Nobody’ option is replaced by the ‘My Contacts Except’ option, which allows users to exclude specific contacts.
The users may receive a private invite from the group admin and he has 3 days to accept the invite before it expires.

Netflix trailers in PiP mode

WhatsApp already supports ‘Picture-in-Picture’ mode to let users watch Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram videos within the WhatsApp app, without leaving the app.
WhatsApp has now enabled the same feature for Netflix trailers. Netflix trailers shared from the app can now be viewed in the WhatsApp itself without leaving the app. The feature is currently available for iPhone users only as of now.

Boomerang feature

just like Instagram, WhatsApp users can now shoot the Boomerang videos. The popular feature is introduced for iPhone users only for the time being. The feature allows users to endlessly loop a video backward and forwards like a GIF.
The feature is available in the beta version for iOS.