Top websites for technology news in 2019

Are you a tech geek but unaware of top news websites? Even though you’re not, it is important to know the latest updates! The world is changing at an exponential rate when it comes to technology. Every day one company or other launches a new gadget or app. To know about all the latest innovations, one must have the knowledge of top websites of technology news available. Top websites for technology news are as mentioned below :

List of top websites for technology news ranked by Google and Alexa

Google and Alexa ranked some of the websites as the best ones for providing quality technology news. Below are the 10 most popular tech websites :

With a following of 10.1 million on Twitter, TechCrunch is known by everyone. It is the most popular and informative technology news provider. It has both a blog and a digital media platform. provides an article on technology-related topics daily. It consists of various guides and business-related articles. Also, it contains interesting facts about upcoming gadgets. This page has 7 million visits and 10 million views per month. A must-read for information about next-generation innovations.

Not only technology, but is also the home to all science, business, and culture related news. It is favorite among users because of quality content. The news published is engaging and unheard on this website. is famous for its step by step guides and all fresh news. It covers all the latest news of inventions in the digital world. It provides news with a touch of creativity and interesting language. This quality makes the website unique and engaging.

With all the news of gadgets, TVs, mobile phones, also covers some special podcasts, videos, and photos. But they are only technology related stuff. It has an additional feature of comparing and handling websites and gadgets at the same time. This website posts a huge amount of valuable information daily.

With technology news, covers product reviews, gadgets details and what not! It has a systematic approach towards important news which attracts a lot of crowds.

Mashable is the leading news website company. It provides great help to internet users by covering all kinds of technical news and updates. It also covers most of the political, cultural and social issues too. This means you can be an all-rounder by reading this website daily!

A fast-growing website with over 2.69 million followers on Twitter. This website also has a significant amount of daily visitors. BusinessInsider was launched on July 19, 2007, this website has been in the spotlight for years. is a specific website where tech bloggers can post their views and also monitor their following on the page. This website contains guides of Apple, Android, new gadgets, etc. is a powerful initiative that provides a guide to software as well as hardware like mobile phones, laptops, PCs and its parts. This website has Android related news too.

Some more websites like techdiagons, tech news world, ndtv gadgets, etc have been done really great when it comes to working with tech related news and stuff.

There are unlimited websites where tech news is available but only a few areas updated as these. One should choose website very wisely to be updated with genuine knowledge.

Top technical YouTube channels in India

Top technical YouTube channels in India

With a tremendous increase from mere 14 technical channels in 2014, YouTube has grown over to a huge number of channels in 2019. There are more than a million Indian subscribers on YouTube now. According to surveys, YouTube channels upload over 3.8 lakh videos. Also, over 1.1 crore new subscribers join every month. These figures are massive enough to show the dominance of YouTube in India. There are many genres in which YouTubers create their videos and technical is one of the most popular genres among all. Top technical YouTube channels in India are

Worth watching technical channels on YouTube

Technical Guruji

Technical Guruji is the most popular tech channel in India. Reason being, the medium of delivering the content in Hindi which attracts a mass audience. Gaurav Chaudhary is running the channel since October 18, 2015, and has over 12 million subscribers. Technical Guruji is basically about unboxing, gadgets review, cryptocurrency and many more.


Geekyranjit is Another very popular channel, Geekyranjit has a subscriber strength of 2,688,690 viewers. The host, Ranjit Kumar is a Hyderabad based YouTuber also running a tech website named Tech2Buzz. com. Started on January 6, 2011, Geekyranjit has been a hub for tips about Android, unboxing of smartphones, electronic products, and gadget reviews, etc.

Sharmaji Technical

Sharmaji Technical Hosted by Praval Sharma, an IT personal and engineer, Sharmaji Technical has over a million subscribers. He started in the year 2008 and has over 2000 videos on his channel. All the videos are in Hindi about gadgets and smartphones.

Gadgets To Use

Gadgets to use youtube channel gives information about gadgets which are affordable and accessible by everyone. Hosted and controlled by Abhishek Bhatnagar, this channel also has plenty of ‘how-to’ videos.

Techno Ruhez

With over 835 videos, Techno Ruhez has more than 1 million subscribers since 2015. This channel focuses on untapped knowledge of gadgets and daily tech news. Techno Ruhez is also special for its interesting information about Ethical hacking and the Internet which attracts a huge audience.

Technical Sagar

Technical Sagar is a channel by Abhishek Sagar, who is a self-taught white-hat hacker, hosts this channel. He is a commerce graduate who uploads regular videos on Cybersecurity, tech news and daily technology innovations. This channel has uploaded approx 711 videos and is loved by the Indian audience. The medium of videos is Hindi which is the reason of attraction among people.


C4ETech is a channel Run by a full-time YouTuber, Ashwin Ganesh started this channel on March 20, 2007, which has over 1 million subscribers. The medium is English and easily understandable by people all over the world. This channel has over 1766 videos till date and has created a special place in technical YouTube channels of India.


IGyaan focusses on unboxing, tech news and iOS as well as Android hacks. This channel is one of the favorites since 2010. With almost a million subscribers, IGyaan gets views of more than 1 and a half million crowd. This channel has hands-on videos on new gadgets.

My Smart Support

My Smart Support, a very interesting part about this channel is that it runs from a remote village of Bihar. The host, Dharmendra Kumar, is a full-time YouTuber and posts videos in Hindi. You can get a variety of videos like web development, app development, etc.

Technical Dost

Technical Dost is A very recent YouTube channel that started in 2016 has grown into a huge family of over 1 million subscribers. The Host is Hitesh Kumar of New Delhi. This channel has got over 93 million views over now. With a very interesting way of speaking, Hitesh Kumar promotes his tech videos with a pinch of humor. This channel is a commonplace for all Internet knowledge, tech news, smartphone reviews, etc. videos!

So these are the top technical Youtube channels in India. These people bring a lot of great content and amazing stuff for the Indian audience. Technical Guruji being exceptionally amazing due to his consistency.

Tell me which youtube channel you follow and what is the most amazing part of the channel.

Top websites for technology news in 2019